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Activities @ GHS

Activities and Leadership Opportunities

Grandview High School is committed to providing a varied and engaging student activities program. In addition, students have multiple opportunities to exercise leadership in both formal and informal venues. We have over 40 clubs and many co-curricular activities. Our activities program is made possible by a group of dedicated faculty and staff who put in long hours and shares an amazing variety of talents with our students.

Starting A Club

New clubs may be started if a group of (at least 10) students have an interest and an adult sponsor is willing to supervise. Individual competitive sports are not considered clubs. The student leader of the organization needs to come to the Activities department to pick up a New Club Formation Process Packet. Students interested in learning more about student leadership at GHS, should email Diana Stordeur ( to register for the online Grandview Student Leader Community.

Diana Stordeur
Activities Director

#CHSAA Regulated

Academic Bowl
Student teams are assembled in the spring to compete against each other in academic areas. This very spirited competition pits students against each other in a fast-paced quiz bowl format. The winning team competes with our faculty/staff team in final round.

Ann Manchester - Office U321 ext. 66585
Mary Willard - Office L215 ext. 66837

Anime Club
The Grandview Anime Club is an organization founded for the enjoyment of Anime and Asian pop-culture. Members will explore foreign cultures through movies and music. This forum gives students a place to come to learn about anime and to be exposed to the constructive side of this art form. Students create their own art and film.

Meets: Tuesdays, 3pm U301

Sponsor: Liz Burkle - Office U301 ext. 66819

Athletic Council


Sponsor: Jamee Ulitzky - Office L400E ext. 66530

Band students have the opportunity to earn a letter, perform in festivals and concerts, and travel.

Concert band is open to any student who has previous band experience.

Symphonic Band* (by audition only) is a select group of band students. They perform a variety of music in major performances a Grandview and additional outside events throughout the year.

Wind Ensemble* (by audition only) Wind Ensemble is a select group of wind and percussion. They perform a variety of music at Grandview and additional outside events throughout the year.

Jazz Ensemble II* (by audition only) The Jazz Ensemble is a group of students who play wind instruments supported by a rhythm section that performs jazz, rock, and Latin music from various historical periods.

Jazz Ensemble I* (by audition only) This Jazz Band is the most advanced at Grandview, it is comprised of a small group of students who play wind instruments supported by a rhythm section that performs jazz, rock, and Latin music from various historical periods.

Pep Band# The pep band is open to any student with previous band experience. Rehearsals are after school on a weekly basis during fall and winter sports. The pep band will play for many home football, volleyball, basketball games, and school pep assemblies. Additional performance opportunities at area college and university sporting events may also be scheduled.

Sponsor: Keith Farmer - Office U610A ext. 66592

Black Student Alliance
This club promotes unity, selfrespect, guidance and scholarship for African American Students at GHS.

Meets: Wednesdays, 7am  L407

Darryl Keeton - Office L410 ext. 66508

Chinese Club
All students interested in Chinese culture are welcome to join. Activities may include cooking, Chinese calligraphy, Tai Chi, Chinese films, music and other cultural events. Students need not be enrolled in Chinese language classes to participate.

Meets: Every other Thursday, 3pm U101

Sponsor: Lise Olsen-Dufour - Office U208 ext. 66842

Chinese Honor Society
National Chinese Honor Society at Grandview is open to students who have achieved academic excellence in Chinese by maintaining a 3.5 average GPA in Chinese and a cumulative 3.0 GPA overall. Students must also exhibit evidence of good citizenshipand intention to continue their study of Chinese. The society will provide a variety of social and community service opportunities for students to participate in, and will connect students with resources in the community through which to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture, and to further their study of the Chinese language.
Sponsor: Lise Olsen-Dufour - Office U208 ext. 66842

There are 6 choirs offered at Grandview High School. Students who become highly involved in these choirs may earn a Grandview letter.

Women's Choir - This choir is made up of ladies in grades 9-12 who love singing. They perform a variety of music at school concerts as well as around the Denver area.

Men’s Choir - This choir is made up of gentlemen in grades 9-12 who love to sing. They perform a variety of music at school concerts as well as in the Denver area.

Camerata* (By Audition Only) - This select group performs a variety of music at Grandview and in the community.

Bella Voce* (By Audition Only) - This advanced group of female singers takes performance trips to various festivals throughout the United States and overseas. They also perform a variety of music at school concerts.

Chamber Singers* (By Audition Only) - This advanced group of both men and women takes performance trips to various festivals throughout the United States and overseas. They perform a variety of music for special events and for school performances.

Jazz* (By Audition Only) - This highly selective choir competes in state and national performances representing the jazz style. They also perform for school, district and community events.


Darin Drown - Office U606C ext. 66590

Brandon Bill - Office U606C ext. 66629 

DECA (Marketing)*#
Students enrolled in Marketing I or Marketing II are strongly encouraged to participate in DECA. Through active participation in DECA, members learn how to lead and participate in group discussions, preside at meetings and conferences, work effectively within committees, and engage in practical problem solving and decision making. Through participation in local, district, state, and national activities, DECA members develop a better understanding of the business world, become conscious of their civic obligations, and develop social poise and leadership ability. The DECA program of work includes activities related to class work, participation in community projects, district and state meetings and competitive events. Grandview DECA students apply their business skills by selling food, drinks, and school supplies in the school store in the commons. DECA members may compete in conferences during the fall and spring and are eligible for scholarship opportunities. Highly involved members may earn a letter in DECA.

Sponsor: Susan Dosher - Office U301 ext. 66820

Diversity Group N.P.F.H./D.A.W.G
This group of students, faculty, parents & community members meet monthly to discuss & become aware of issues related to diversity in the Grandview community.

Meets: times vary, see Mr. Eppard

Paul Eppard - Office L402 ext. 66672
Zee McLeod - Office L402J ext. 66612
Molly Mugge-Cozza - Office L401D ext. 66635  

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)#Students involved in FBLA have a unique opportunity to make a connection with their school, community, and the business world. FBLA is a national organization that places emphasis on service to others, social events and periodic competitive conferences.

Meets: See sponsor for times

TOP Sponsor: Diane Park - Office U308 ext. 66548

FCCLA (Family, Career & Community Leaders of America)
Membership and participation in leadership and community service projects is open to all GHS students. FCCLA is a national vocational student organization for high school students associated with the Family and Consumer Sciences classes. Those students currently or recently enrolled in classes are encouraged to attend.

Meets: Thursdays, 3pm L107

Sponsor: Dakota Chauncy - Office L111 ext. 66518

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)
Students in FCA work together to empower and encourage each other to make a difference in their Christian lives.

Meets: Tuesday morning 6:30 am, Wrestling Room

Sponsors: Nate Robinson - Office L605 ext. 66599

French Club
This club celebrates French-speaking culture from around the world. We eat French food, watch movies, play games, listen to guest speakers, and much more. All students are welcome.

Meets: Thursdays 2:45 pm, U204 

Sponsor: Liesel Farrier - Office U328 ext. 66681

French Honor Society*
This is an honor organization for students who have demonstrated excellence in French (level 3 and above). The students participate in extra curricular cultural activities and help promote French at Grandview High School.

Meets: Every other Monday, 3pm U203

Sponsor: Danielle Van Gool - Office U328 ext. 66740

Gay-Straight Alliance Club

GSA is a safe zone where students can share their struggles and feel safe to do so while receiving the support and resources they need.

Meets: See Sponsor

Sponsor: Mary Kaye Bjork - Office U329 ext. 66684

German Club
This club gives students the opportunity to study the culture of German-speaking countries through group activities that include cooking, outings and other ethnic events. 

Sponsor: Peter Hebert - Office U107 ext. 66661

German Honor Society*
An honor organization for students who maintain an A average in German 3 or higher with a 3.5 GPA overall. Students work on social outreach and community service projects. 

Sponsor: Peter Hebert - Office U107 ext. 66661

Han-Uri (Hon-Udi "We are individuals & we are one.")
A mentorship program for Korean upperclassmen to work with 9th grade students. Students will work together to develop a foundation for success and a connection to last throughout high school and the future.

Meets: Mondays 2:45-3:30, U310 

Sponsor: Molly Mugge-Cozza - Office L401D ext. 66635

Hip Hop Dance Club
This dance group practices to learn dance routines to perform at GHS and at Denver area competitions.

Meets: Tuesdays 3-5:30 Dance Room, Thursdays 3-5:30 L100's hallway 

Sponsor: Debbie Romero - Office L408 ext. 66600

Inter-Club Council
The Inter-Club Council is an organization made up of representatives from each of the registered clubs at Grandview. It is a place for student leaders to meet, work together, and to share knowledge. Its primary mission is to promote student awareness of and participation in Grandview clubs.


Sponsor: Diana Strodeur - Office L400D ext. 66533

International Cultural Events Disscussion (ICED)

Sponsor: Christine Jauregui-Citte - Office U328 ext. 66568

Key Club
This is a nation wide community service organization supported by the Kiwanas Club. We help out the less fortunate through our service projects throughout the year.

Meets: Second and Fourth Tuesday, 3pm Band Room or Theater

Amy Reece - Office L313 ext. 66840
Kim Summers - Office U317 ext. 66584

La Raza
Toda la Raza Bienvenida-Empowering Latino youth through academic excellence and community service. The term "La Raza" has its origins in early 20th Century Latin American literature, and translates into English most closely as "the people," or, according to some scholars, "the Hispanic people of the New World." The term was coined by Mexican scholar José Vasconcelos to reflect the fact that the people of Latin America are a mixture of many of the world's races, cultures, and religions - All students interested in Latino Culture are invited to join.

Meets: Wednesday Mornings at 6:45-7:15am Activities Conference Room

Sponsor: Molly Mugge-Cozza - Office L401D ext. 66635

Link Crew*
A committed group of juniors and seniors who are selected in the spring and trained through the summer to help assist freshmen at orientations and throughout the year.

Sponsor: Jenny Bailey - Office L313 ext. 66561

Literary Magazine
The purpose of this club is to promote the writing and critiquing of student literature, photography and art, which culminates in the publishing of Signatures, a school-wide magazine.

Meets: Thursdays at 3pm, U326

Liz Burkle - Office U326 ext. 66819
Marlene Daly - Office U326 ext. 66735

Math Club
Any student interested in math can participate. Competitions with other schools will be scheduled throughout the year.

Meets: Tuesdays at 3pm, L201

Sponsor: Kim Mitchell - Office L217 ext. 66679

Medical Careers Club
The Medical Careers Club offers high school students an opportunity to learn about the various and diverse careers available in the medical field. Students can network with other students interested in health-related fields. Guest speakers in a variety of health care positions describe their medical careers and the educational requirements needed. Students receive guidance and direction in how to achieve the goals they are striving to meet in a health care career. The club members are also involved in putting on the 9Health Fair for the Grandview students in the spring.

Meets: Thursdays 2:50pm - L308 

Sponsor: Regan Lawson - Office L218 ext. 66559

Musical (Fall)*
Students will have an opportunity to audition for the musical to be held in the fall. Watch for audition information. The musical is announced at the "Sneak Preview" during the first two weeks of school.

Sponsor: Brandon Bill - Office U605F ext. 66694

Muslim Student Association

Meets: See sponsor for times

Sponsor: Joe Fialka - Office U221 ext. 66579 

National Art Honor Society*
National Art Honor Society is an art club that allows art students to engage with likeminded students about the arts. We offer the chance to be inducted by a national art chapter of the National Art Education Association. As an Honor Society there is a component of school and community service. Students will also have a chance to develop a portfolio and engage in professional competencies to further their artistic talents. To be inducted by the national chapter, students are to have taken at least one art class at Grandview or be enrolled in one, and to maintain a B average in the arts.

Meets: Wednesdays, 3pm U109

Sponsor: Amanda Arlington- Office U110 ext. 66685

National Honor Society*
Juniors & Seniors with a weighted cumulative GPA of 3.75 are invited to apply for NHS. Following a selection process, NHS students attend monthly meetings, and are required to do community service hours.

Meets: First Thursday each month. Morning and afternoon times in L105
(6:40am or 3:00 pm)
Molly Mugge-Cozza - Office L401D ext. 66635
Dr. Ruth Watkins - Office L402L ext. 66620

Students in this class plan and produce our school paper, The Grandview Chronicle. They become investigative reporters, news and editorial writers, interviewers, editors and photographers. They also layout and design Grandview's monthly paper.

Meets: Class

Sponsor: Catherine Sharp-Moore - Office U222 ext. 66638

There are various orchestra opportunities open to all students who play a string instrument. Students who become highly involved in these choirs may earn a Grandview letter. In addition, students have the opportunity to form small ensembles to perform for special events and for school concerts.

Meets: Class

Sponsor: Alison Reifschneider - Office U609C ext. 66629

Peer Counseling
Sophomores and juniors may apply. Once accepted, students attend a training class for one semester and become peer counselors for one year. Peer Counselors help students with personal issues, tutoring and general day-to-day issues. They are available every period for students.

Meets: Class

Sponsor: Molly Mugge-Cozza - Office L401D ext. 66635

Science Olympiad Club

Meets: Mondays, 3:00 pm L103


Teri Christensen - Office L307 ext. 66649

Deborah Hampton - Office L307 ext. 66560

Sign Language Club (ASL)
This club is for students who enjoy signing and participating in activities with other students who sign and those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Community service includes tutoring, reading buddies and other fun activities. Knowing sign language is a bonus, but participants can learn as they go.

Meets: Tuesdays at 6:40am L312

Sponsor: Kim Rees Smith - Office L402I ext. 66605

Spanish Club
This club gives students the opportunity to study the culture of Spanish-speaking countries through group activities that include cooking, outings and other ethnic events.

Meets: 1st and 3rd Fridays 2:50 - 3:30pm U205 

Sponsor: Nancy Jensen - Office U309 ext. 66582

Spanish Honor Society*
The Spanish Honor Society recognizes students who have shown enthusiasm for the Spanish Language & Hispanic culture and maintained an A average in Spanish and an overall GPA of 3.5. We act as a service organization.

Meets: Second Thursdays, at 3pm

Sponsor: Robyn Wisler - Office U107B ext. 66739

Speech & Debate#
Students prepare for competition in debate, public speaking, and oral interpretation with assistance from coaches and team veterans. Tournaments are held on Saturdays from October to early April. Debate and Forensics can also be taken as a class. Students have the opportunity to letter and join the National Forensic League.

Kari Barnett - Office U317 ext. 66652
Vanessa Rider - Office U326 ext. 66758

Student Leadership*
The Student Leadership Class is a great opportunity for all grade levels to represent the student body within the school and community. Students in this class serve as the student body officers and class representatives participating in leadership training activities and service learning. They also plan numerous activities throughout the school year, including Homecoming, Prom, and community service projects. Students must submit an application in the spring.

Meets: Class - 4A

Sponsors: Regan Lawson - Office L218 ext. 66559

Freshmen Class Sponsor: Kurtis Bailey - Office U215 ext. 66570

Sophomore Class Sponsor: Linda Anderson - Office U215 ext. 66571

Junior Class Sponsors:
Regan Lawson - Office L218 ext. 66559
John Zahler - Office L315 ext. 66553

Senior Class Sponsors:
Pat Holloway - Office U401N ext. 66762
Jenny Bailey - Office L313 ext. 66561

Technology Student Association (TSA)
This club will promote technological literacy, leadership and problem solving, resulting in personal growth and opportunity. Our goal is to promote technology education, and have fun learning through competitive and social events.

Meets: Wednesdays 7am & Thursdays at 3pm L109

Sponsor: Jay Moore - Office L111 ext. 66514

Tech Theater
Students support performing arts productions through construction of sets, costuming lights and sound. Coincides with the musical, play and spring drama.

Meets: see sponsor for times

Sponsor: Brandon Bill - Office U605F ext. 66664

Thespians are an honor organization of drama students. Students have to earn a number of points to become eligible. Activities include participating in and supporting Grandview Performing Arts Theatre, and organizing and attending area professional performances.

Meets: Second Wednesdays at 7:15am U605

Sponsor: Brianna Lindahl - Office U605F ext. 66694

In this class, students plan, create and produce the Grandview yearbook, The View. They are responsible for all aspects of production and design. They learn to conduct interviews, cover and photograph school and related events, write and edit copy, layout pages and meet deadlines. Members are expected to learn and practice responsible journalism.

Meets: Class

Sponsor: Josh Heckendorf - Office U110 ext. 66565 

Youth Ending Hunger
This club allows students to get involved in their community through their school. It gives club members a chance to make a difference by working to end hunger in Colorado and abroad. Activities include, but are not limited to: organizing canned food drives, volunteering in soup kitchens and making food baskets at various times during the year and fund raising to help various organizations. Everyone is welcome.

Meets: See sponsor for times and location 

Sponsor: Lee Wise - Office L210 ext. 66639 

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