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​​Security Office: 720-886-6600​           

School Resource Officer: 720-886-6602/6607​

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GHS Security Staff is on site Monday thru Friday 6:30 am to 6:00 pm throughout the school year (excluding most Cherry Creek School District holidays). Most after-hour events will also be manned, including weekends.

Building Access-

Access to Grandview High School main building, mobile classrooms, and fields is restrict​ed to Cherry Creek District employees, currently enrolled Grandview HS students and approved visitor.  All visitors are required to check in (with valid driver's license or ID) at the upper or lower security desks prior to continuing to any other part of the property. The two main entrances are located on the north side of the building (facing Arapahoe Rd to the right of the large cafeteria windows), and the main entrance on the south side of the main building (to the left of the flag pole).


STUDENTS - Students with valid GHS parking passes may only park in the north lot (adjacent to Arapahoe Rd) with the exception of the six marked visitor spaces. Vehicles must be parked in marked spaces. At no time is parking in the upper (southwest) lot permitted.

SAFETY – A safe speed of 10 mph is the maximum for access roads on GHS campus, 5 mph and less will be used while driving within the parking lanes. Access roads have the right of way over the parking lanes. Vehicle access is restricted to the roadways and parking spaces; driving or parking on other areas (i.e. grass, rocks, sidewalk…) is prohibited.

PARKING PASS – ALL Staff and Student vehicles parked on the GHS campus must have a valid parking pass displayed in the front window.


*Read and understand the GHS Parking Policies information sheet.

*Print the Request for Parking Privilege form.

*Click on the "register your vehicle online" tab at the top of the Request for Parking Privilege form.

*Complete all driver and vehicle information on the registration form and click the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the form.

*Using the Parking Privilege form (signed by parent/guardian and student) as the cover sheet, include photo copies of student's driver's license (paper or plastic), current vehicle registration (can be 30 days past expiration date in upper right corner), valid vehicle insurance form, and receipt from bookkeeper. Bring completed packet to the upper Security Desk. (During student check-in, the packet is taken to the Security Check-in table.)

SOPHOMORES – 10th grade students will NOT be allowed to purchase a Parking Pass until the first week of the school year, and then only with their dean's signature on the signed Request for Parking Privilege form.

TICKETS – Ticketing policies are covered in the GHS Parking Policies form. Tickets written to vehicles with no valid parking pass displayed will be checked through Aurora Police Department and could be subject to additional fines including being towed from the premises at the owner's expense. Repeated parking lot infractions will be directed to the dean's office for disciplinary action.

Lost and Found –

Items left on GHS property are sometimes brought to the Security Office. Articles of clothing that are not the property of a sports team or club will be kept for 30 days then donated. Other more valuable/personal items will be kept until the end of the school year.

Lockers –

Grandview High School Security issues academic hall lockers to all freshmen and sophomores during summer check–in. Upperclassmen who wish to have a locker may come to the lower Security desk with their ID card after the first day of school.

 PE/Sports Lockers - Locker room lockers require combination locks (provided by the student), and are secure if locked properly. Items missing from the PE locker room are not the responsibility of Grandview High School. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLE ITEMS IN THE OPEN OR IN UNLOCKED PE LOCKERS.

After school hours -

Grandview High School ends the academic school day at 2:42 pm. Students involved in SUPERVISED clubs, sports, and academics, may remain on school property until the completion of their activity. All other students must be off of school property by 3:30 pm. loitering on school property is prohibited, and will be referred to the appropriate dean or Aurora Police Department for consequences. Students may use the school library for study and research purposes after school, while open.​

Contacts –

GHS Security Staff spends the majority of the school day outside the office, however messages are checked and calls returned several times a day. Please contact us with questions.

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