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Grandview Addition 2013 - 2014
Thank you Grandview community for supporting the 2012 3A & 3B bond and budget election for CCSD.  On September 9, 2013, the CCSD Board of Education approved the bid for Grandview High School’s new academic wing.  Since this time, our contractor, Bassett & Associates, Inc., has secured the construction site and flagged the footprint of the project with orange flags.  Currently you will see the construction crew drilling and excavating the site.  In 6-8 weeks, the foundation of the new wing will be visible. 
11/4/2013 - The new academic wing is starting to take shape, and the foundation for the 1st floor is recognizable from what has been poured thus far. 
11/25/2013 - The new academic wing is starting to take shape, and the foundation for the 1st floor is almost done.  You can see where the lecture center is taking shape on the right. 
12/2/2013 - The foundation and basement for the 1st floor are done.  Now the construction crew will work on putting up the walls for the 1st floor. 
12/16/2013 - The construction crew is working on putting up the steel beams for the 1st & 2nd floors.  You can really get a sense of what the individual classrooms will look like.  Over break, the construction crew is replacing the flooring to the athletic hallway along with select carpet throughout the academic hallways.  We also have a new trophy case (senior gift from a couple of years ago) going in outside of the weight room in the lower commons area during break.  
1/20/2014 - The cement floor has been laid for both the 1st and 2nd floors on the new wing.  The crew will be working on putting up the classroom walls over the next couple of weeks on both the first and second floors.  The outside walls will also be completed over the next month. 
1/27/2014 - You can’t see the construction from inside the building anymore, but from outside or from a side window you can see the masonry go up on the façade.    The crew is working on the plumbing and wiring in the foundation and first floor of the new wing.  Although the building is blocked off from outside, the temporary wall is not as insulated as the permanent wall.  We all noticed a difference in the temperature close to the new wing today. 
2/23/2014 - The masonry on the exterior walls is going up.  The structural framing and welding has been completed.  Now the roof and stairwell are being installed.  The mechanical ductwork is still being installed on the second floor.  We will be finalizing classrooms over the next week and starting our furniture order over the next month.    Our students, with the help of Josh Heckendorf, have completed the design for the interior wall going into the new wing.
3/10/2014 - The masonry on the exterior walls is almost completeWindows have been installed on the west side of the wing, and the construction crew is now working on installing windows on the north side of the wing.  The dry wall is going up on the interior walls.  Most importantly, the construction crew will be working around our TCAP testing schedule this week.
3/19/2014 - The masonry on the exterior walls is almost completeWindows have been installed on the west side of the wing, and the construction crew is now working on installing windows on the north and east side of the wing.  The dry wall is almost complete on the first floor interior walls. 
4/20/2014 - The new wing is completely inclosed.   Inside the wing, walls are being painted downstairs, and the crew is completing the drywall upstairs.  Our furniture order is being submitted, and we are starting to see it come together.  You can peek in through the temporary walls from inside the building and see firsthand the progress being made.  We are less than two months from the estimated date of completion!
05/13/2014 - The construction crew took down the temporary walls so that we could see into the new wing.  We are counting down until June 13th, the date when the wing is complete. Take time to check out the design going on the wall at the front of the wing.  It was designed by a handful of our students under the direction of Josh Heckendorf.  Thanks, Josh, for your help completing this project.
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